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Kierdoggz Turns 24

I just had to quickly post about my husbands birthday weekend, which was the same weekend as general conference for us Aussies so that’s why I’ve done 2 entries in one day πŸ˜› I’ve just had a lot to say haha

It was a nightmare making the Poke-cake..Ultra Ball style. First time using fondant and let me just say, I got a workout rolling it all out over and over again because I kept messing it up! It was worthy of an Instagram and blog post but I really did wish it turned out smoother! Kieren didn’t care though because he appreciates anything I do (bless him!)


It was a small gathering in our little townhouse (with a pretty view of the lake, I do like to brag about that lol) with close friends and family. I regret not taking more photos but I was frantically trying to socialise, please and feed people πŸ˜› Even though the numbers were few I still felt like our home was very full and I love the people in our lives that make birthdays memorable.

I also managed to annoy all of Kieren’s friends, fam and mission buddies that aren’t in Adelaide leading up to his birthday as I hassled them for birthday messages that I compiled into a video. It was a sweet memento that I’m glad I followed through with and will last forever thanks to the beauty of technology πŸ™‚


Kieren has the sweetest soul and the next day after the party on his actual birthday day he enjoyed the simple shopping spree, dinner and a movie I had planned for him. And I can’t believe how fast time is flying with us! Even after almost 3 years of being together we are already forgetting what we did for which birthday as we reflected on what last years celebrations were. And honestly – we can’t remember what we did for his birthday last year and I didn’t do a facebook post so that memory is temporarily lost lol. So this year I have shared on Instagram, Facebook and on my blog about the weekend we had so when we look back on birthday celebrations, we’ll remember this one!



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