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Welcome Home, Taco!

Our family has grown! We have a cute little fur ball in our home now. She is 8 weeks old and a purebred pug πŸ™‚ and yes we named her after a Mexican delicacy because it’s our dog and we were probably eating it when decided that’s what we’d call our pet πŸ˜›

yep, that is a mini tennis ball that fits perfectly in her mini mouth!

Getting a dog wasn’t a last minute decision we have been awww-ing over every dog video we’ve seen on facebook for months and every time we saw a dog the more we wanted one of our own! Kieren’s parents also just moved houses and are near a beautiful park where we go long-boarding and always see so many dogs there! So with just the 2 of us at home with a reasonable sized backyard – fit for a small breed dog – we decided to go ahead and get one! And for those thinking…but now you can’t go away on holidays because someone needs to take care of the dog…one of my good friends has already put her hand up to dog sit without me even asking so, score!


When I was growing up we had a lot of dogs, small breeds and sheep dogs, but of course my parents always took care of them. I remember promising to take full responsibility for the dog but really, how much can a 6 year old do besides feed and play with it? So Kieren and I are now undertaking the duties of house training Taco, and boy oh boy…it isn’t easy.

I must confess. After 2 days I was so over it, like I broke down in tears. I was having doubts about getting the dog! We had been getting up early (6am…which is early for us Uni students) to check on her to find she had peed and pooped in the wrong spot. I’m kind of semi-allergic, like I have mild asthma and eczema so snuggling with Taco is never really gonna work for me. The morning after Taco’s first night I had woken up with itchy eyes so I raced down to the shops and grabbed an air purifier (with a hepa filter!) which does the job and is situated next to Taco’s bed.

I’ve also become a clean freak. Like I always did the house work before, but now I’m disinfecting everything, washing my clothes straight after playing with pup, washed Taco twice in 5 days and washed her bedding because she peed on it. Plus I have been trying to study in between but it’s hard to focus when I’m constantly checking the floor for accidents! And I don’t know when pups will be fully capable of taking herself outside on her own or letting us know when she needs to go so when I realised that it could be like this for months (according to some forums I read) I was like – no way! I can’t do this for that long Uni already takes up all my time!

Then my wonderful, calm husband knocked some sense into me. He is so patient, even though its not nice cleaning up pee and poop he doesn’t complain as much as I do. He cleans it up and plays with Taco straight away where as I just wanna ignore the dog to try and teach her a lesson when she probably doesn’t even understand whats happening. Kieren told me that it’s only day 2, Taco can’t be housed trained in 48 hours and told me all the good things that were to come if we just put in the hard yards. I stopped crying, had a nap and felt better about Taco after that.

It’s now day 5 and there have been some improvements! There have still been accidents, but they’re getting closer the door outside where she needs to go, Taco doesn’t whinge when we ignore her to do our homework, we left her home alone for 2 hours and she had just fallen asleep and she loves our backyard. The few times she has peed in the right spot we cheer and clap as if the Adelaide Crows have scored a goal, and its those moments I focus on now when something does go right. Instead of wishing we didn’t have the dog whenever I find poop, I look forward to teaching Taco new things when she does go potty in the right spot. Choosing to focus on the positives rather than the negatives has changed my whole attitude towards our new pet. Plus I have Kieren who is so willing to help and clean and play with pup when I don’t want to. We’re in this together!

And to think I learned all about embracing a positive attitude from a puppy! Life really is what you make it. I know I will learn to love Taco’s company, and get used to that dog smell (on her, not our furniture or all over the house) and just enjoy this new adventure! She is super adorable and playful and with training, persistence and lots of doggy treats she will be a good pet!

I am totally keen for puppy school in 4 weeks to get some professional advice though because I have so many questions! haha

Here’s to Kieren + Liv + Taco


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