Vegas Reunion


We spent the weekend in Las Vegas! What a place to explore!

We drove there from South Jordan, Utah, with Kieren’s friend and his wife. We stayed in St George for the night which was a 4 hour drive, then the next morning drove for about 2 hours to Vegas. First we hit the factory outlet stores where we did some serious shopping! Wasn’t planning on spending much money but you know, prices were too good! But by the time you convert the cheap American prices to stuff back home, it’s kind of not that much cheaper, especially with the dollar being so low right now. But I have not been converting anything back to AUD since we got here because that would be too depressing. We’re on holidays πŸ˜›

So we were super keen to get some cheap perfume/cologne, why? Because when we were coming to America from Sydney, they checked our bags and took Kieren’s cologne off him because it was more than 100ml. The bottle was actually half empty so there was probably 50ml of liquid in it, which is why I thought it was ok in hand carry. But the bottles full capacity was 110ml which is what they go by so they had to take it off him. I was more upset than Kieren because he thought it was a cheap bottle, but then I told him I didn’t stick to the $20 limit like he told me to when I bought it. And I saw them just chuck it in the we learnt the hard way about the strict liquid limit rule.

IMG_1430 2

Anyways, Vegas was a bit of a reunion for Kieren because his friends from his mission were going to be there. The trip was pretty much planned just because we were in the US so it was pretty sweet of everyone to get together. Kieren served in the Johannesburg, South Africa mission 2 years ago and this is the first time he’s seen the guys he served with since coming home. Most of them are married now so for us wives it was a get to know you sorta thing and the guys reminisced about the mission. It was really great and so nice for us to explore the strip with people who already knew where to go and what to do.

We ate heaps, walked heaps (I got blisters!), saw a Cirque du Soleil show, visited the Pawn Shop (unfortunately we didn’t see the guys filming the show) and finished it off with a BBQ and spa at the hotel.

IMG_1425 2

Just wanna quickly mention how grateful I am Kieren served a mission, I truly believe it continues to bless our lives as a married couple even after he’s come home, not just spiritually but in other things like him having good friends. Coming to America would have been a totally different experience if we didn’t know anyone here, but Kieren has so many friends here, willing to travel to see us and take us places, it’s just so nice. I myself did not serve so I don’t have my own experiences to draw on, but Kieren has told me so much about the things he was able to do, lives he was able to change and most of all the people he had served with. It really does amaze me and is something I admire about him. It’s been so cool meeting the people from the stories he’s told me and seeing him reunite with his friends.

So Vegas will be a memorable trip not just because of the things we did, but because of the people who were there πŸ™‚


still got about 2 weeks left in America, gotta make the most of it!


– Liv xx


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