Nice to meet you, New York


I can’t think of a more perfect way for me to start this blog than with the adventures of our first trip to America! Well this is my first time in the US, Kieren has been here before, but this is our first time as a married couple πŸ™‚

Our first stop was New York City! A place I’ve been dreaming about visiting for years! I can’t pin point the moment I decided I wanted to see NYC, I guess over the years movies, TV shows and music that put the city on display make it such a desirable place to be in. I do know that the eagerness to get there began during my first year of University.

I was 17, fresh out of high school, barely knew much about architecture other than the fact that I really loved buildings, and every now and then some of the lecture material would talk about buildings in New York, how the city was planned out, famous architects/buildings from there and so on. Then one day, one of the lecturers, I don’t remember who or what subject I was in, mentioned the possibility of working in New York as an architect. And after I heard that I spent the rest of the lecture dreaming about a life in New York City. I guess before then I only thought about visiting, but now I dream about working and living in the city.

First day of exploring, felt like we were buzzing the whole time. We figured out the subway and bus system so easily we couldn’t believe how simple it was to get around, the streets are numbered and the whole city is a basically a grid – so straight forward!

Time Square was our favourite. The lights, the food, Broadway, people dressed up as movie characters. Yes, it is crowded and busy but we didn’t mind, it was exciting to be around all that energy. Kieren has surprised me the most on this trip because I know that he doesn’t really like the city. We live in Adelaide (population 1 million, not huge) and when we went to Melbourne he wasn’t too keen on exploring that place either. But New York, he can see us living in. When he said that I was like, yep I have definitely made the right choice choosing him as my husband!

It’s like…it really is the city of dreams, am I being too cliche? haha probably..Well on Sunday we attended church and from memory the people who gave talks were a doctor, a lawyer and an architect! We later found out most of the ward was full of people in/studying similar professions. It was a ward where most people come and go a lot depending on work, family or study, everyone had a story to tell about how they got to NYC. So after that meeting Kieren and I were so impressed by what we heard and it made us want to really excel in our studies and develop a career that can take us places. And that’s such a cool thing to share with your partner, knowing that the other person wants what you want is so supportive and motivating.


We spent 5 days in New York, we did everything you’re suppose to do when you visit but we still felt a little sad to leave. We were lucky to stay with friends from Australia that moved to NY not long ago, Mitchell and Brooke + their awesome kids, so we were well taken care of and got a taste of the normal every day family life in the big city.

So far no one has been too surprised when we open our mouths and start talking. I take that as a good sign that people must understand us when we talk! One lady did get confused when we asked for chips with our burgers though…because here that means the crunchy ones in the packet, not the hot kind. So you gotta say ‘fries’ for the deep fried stuff!

We are lovin it here!

and so the adventure of the McKim’s in the USA continue πŸ™‚

– Liv xx





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