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Feeling Stuck But Moving Forward

Been feeling the urge to write again and I’ve set myself a goal to get stuff out of my head and onto paper/the blog because it’s always been good way for me to process my thoughts and feelings. So, where am I at right now? Honestly I feel a bit crap. I’m OK though! I am… Continue reading Feeling Stuck But Moving Forward


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Designing Crap Things First

Kieren and I are currently completely swamped with Uni assignments, church commitments, trying to cook dinner every night most nights, our part time jobs and keeping the house reasonably tidy (I don’t understand how the two of us make so much mess)! Crazy is what it is. I know we’re not the only ones in… Continue reading Designing Crap Things First

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Not a Mum Blog

After my last few posts received a lot of positive feedback from my friends, Facebook friends and family…I decided to explore the blogging world further and see what other people were talking about. Needless to say I was overwhelmed…like the internet is flippin huge! I typed in a few tags to search such as Mormon… Continue reading Not a Mum Blog

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“Liv & Kiv” – Why we have started A Vlog!

Hey cyber world, so my husband and I have starting vlogging! I’ve always thought..”why would I watch someone live their life?” resulting in me saying “if I’m not gonna watch someone else vlog then why would I do it?” and so on! Well I have had a shift in thinking. It’s probably said by a lot… Continue reading “Liv & Kiv” – Why we have started A Vlog!